I don’t think I’ll ever feel happy in this prison of a body. Each pound or inch gained is a death sentence to joints, ligaments, tendons. My frame was never meant to carry such physical weight, and I am disgusted at the manner in which I have ruined my system. I looked at myself, unclothed, and literally felt like I was staring at something out … Continue reading Disgusted


What do you do when you’re trying your darndest, but everything is crumbling around you? Where variations of stress, anxiety, depression are the only variety on the menu? You have tried, cried, prayed, and yet, you are still saddled with worry, grief, doubt. What do you do when strength fails you and your mind and spirit appear to be split seams, undone and no matter … Continue reading Seams


Untitled by T.L.M. This patio is my cabin in the woods– Call me Walden, or Thoreau. This paper, my canvas, And pen, my paintbrush. My thoughts and emotions, The palette of colors I use to paint a horizon, Skyline, city lights with Gently stencilled Monuments of memories While etching in Unforgettable faces And names With each penstroke In hopes of immortalizing Mesmerizing moments, Maybe measured … Continue reading Untitled


Surrender by TLM No more chances at winning This hand of life. No ending To your Personal misery In sight. Sometimes the “Coward’s way” out Is the most difficult choice One will ever make. One fraught with Oscillations between Doing it and being done, And keeping others happy With “I’m ok.” “I’ll be ok.” Despite your pain, Not letting them know Just how low you … Continue reading Surrender


Fragile by TLM (penned June 28, 2017) I’m more fragile than you think Glass feelings safely wrapped in Newspaper–if you care to look closely, You could see right through me To the gristle and grit of My generosity, To the core of my compassion, To the pulse of my passion To the dirty, dingy, darkness of Depression. I’m not as independent as you think– Shards … Continue reading Fragile